Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Credit Where Credit is Due

I made a post a while back about Ralph Nader's impacts on each of our lives. This past weekend, I received an e-mail from a reader asking me for the link to this site:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the webpage has an image of a street, and when you move your cursor over different parts of the image, it shows how Ralph Nader made it better for you and me.

The reader who e-mailed me is one of the number who is still grateful for Mr. Nader's works on her behalf. She mentioned how his work had saved the polluted river in her childhood hometown.

It is truly amazing how little people know about the huge impact Mr. Nader has had on our lives. If any of the other candidates had done just one of those things we would be hearing about it to no end--but not only does Mr. Nader not get proper credit for the good he's done, he also ends up getting blamed for the bad things the other candidates have done!

Still waiting for anyone to find me a candidate Better Than Nader...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Constitution Day Pledge

I'm keeping this one nice and short. Today is Constitution Day. And as this morning's post on says, "The Constitution is under siege. And Ralph Nader is its defender-in-chief."

Check out the video below and then go to:

There was a great comment on the video on its YouTube page, I thought I'd paste here. The comment was from Dutchoven08, who posts some great videos in support of the campaign.

Obama- is like High-Fructose Corn Syrup..
Seems super sweet, but is cheap, not nutritious and will eventually get you killed.

McSame- is like Hydrogenated Oil..
He started with a good ingredient, was altered beyond recognition, nearly impossible to digest and once in your system, he feels like he'll never pass.

Nader- is like Organic Wheat as he has sustenance that nourishes us all, doesn't rely on corporate manipulation, and is a corner stone for our entire healthy diet.

Demand Nader Debate!


Friday, September 12, 2008

The Democrats' Failing Strategy -- Obama Tastes own Medicine

At his recent press conference with Ron Paul, Ralph Nader described the mainstream media's obsessive coverage of "lipstick-gate" as "demeaning to theAmerican engage in increasing trivial focus on exchanges between candidates or gaffes or slip-ups of one form or another."

And he is, of course, right--we do deserve more substantive coverage of the campaigns, positions, records of the candidates for President of the United States of America--of ALL the candidates. The huge issues of critical importance to the majority of Americans are being ignored on any meaningful level. As I pointed out in my very first post, Obama only seems to care about the lack of substance in debate when he sees it to his advantage.

But I have managed to find something of interest in the coverage of "lipstick-gate," though I admit to having largely taken great pains to avoid having to hear all the "news" about it. The incident triggering this latest supposed "controversy" was a complaint by Obama about how McCain/Palin is co-opting his rhetoric about "hope" and "change." He used an expression involving pigs and lipstick to say that putting a nice face on something ugly doesn't make it nice.

As I hear Obama complaining about this (and the accompanying decrease in his poll numbers), I'm just waiting for somebody to point out that calling Obama's platform and record one of "hope" and "change" doesn't make it so either. The silence on this matter is deafening.

The fact is that for over a year, as Obama talks about "hope" and "change" and presents his as the anti-war candidacy that will distance us from the policies of President George W. Bush's administration, he refuses to commit to pulling out all the troops by the end of his first term, wants to leave over a hundred thousand mercenaries in Iraq, and worsen an already horrible conflict in Afghanistan. Not to mention his having voted to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act, for telecom immunity and to fund the war and, of course, these are all just the tip of the iceberg.

And the fact is that Obama has made it easy to co-opt his supposedly "progressive" rhetoric, because he hasn't been willing to back it up with substance himself. If rhetoric is all you have behind your image of "change"--well, rhetoric is easy to spin for use by anyone.

Since he became the clear victor of his party's nomination, Obama has only moved closer to policies of despair and the status quo. Every four years the Democrats say their candidate has to move further in that direction in order to win, and yet, they keep losing. As Ralph Nader has pointed out time and again, this is a failing strategy. But even as he tastes his own medicine, Obama is stubborn in his refusal to recognize this fact.