Friday, November 7, 2008

Barack Obama costs Ralph Nader the election

I came across this because the San Francisco Examiner has a piece online ridiculing it. If anyone thinks the Examiner is correct in so doing, go ahead, just ask me why I think it's great...or look at my previous posts. In any case, this text is quoted from The Blog for Peace and Freedom (from a member of the Peace and Freedom Party whose nomination Ralph Nader received in California):

Obama Costs Nader the Election

By Bob Maschi

Election results are in and they clearly indicate that Democrat Barack Obama has cost Peace and Freedom’s candidate, Ralph Nader, the presidency. Simple math proves that had Obama not run, and had all of his support gone to Nader, that Nader would have easily won the majority of Electoral College votes and, therefore, the presidency.

A similar electoral flaw occurred in the 2000 presidential election when Al Gore cost Ralph Nader the presidency.

And I'll end with another reminder, regardless of who you voted for, if you want a better country, Obama and Congress won't do it on their own. Sign up to put the pressure on Congress here, and then go tell all your friends about it: