Monday, November 3, 2008

Ralph Nader -- Imagine Democracy

Tomorrow is Election Day... Don't Forget to Vote!

Vote for the Best Candidate. For months I have asked anyone to find me a candidate Better Than Nader but to no avail.

No one has even bothered trying to convince me otherwise. That's because Ralph Nader IS the best candidate in this presidential election.

I think I've already explained why it's important to vote for someone who will represent our interests rather than betray and oppose them, and why Ralph Nader is such a candidate, but if you think you've got someone better, I'm still willing to hear you--you have 24 hours. Until then, I feel confident in giving my endorsement to the man who's worked tirelessly on our behalf for several decades... Mr. Ralph Nader.

So get out there and Vote for Ralph Nader!

If you have questions about how or where to vote, check out the Voter Resources page on the website.